Friday, March 19, 2010

The Lucky Day Office isn't offering you a lucky day

Do you think that an international lottery would tell you to retrieve your winnings by contacting a foreign AOL email account? I don't think so, and neither should you. If you didn't enter the lottery, you didn't win the lottery, even if they did use "an advanced automated random computer search from the Internet." Just delete messages like this; don't respond, don't be fooled, and you won't be scammed.

Date: March 15, 2010 12:19:30 AM PDT
Subject: IMPORTANT MESSAGE (Lucky Day Lotto Nl)


Stichting de Nationale Sporttotalisator
Lucky Day Lotto Nl.
Laan van Hoornwijck 55,
2289 DG Rijswijk-The Netherlands
KVK 41151075

Dear Sir/Madam,

This message confirms your bonus entitlements of Seventy-Five Thousand Euro Including free ticket travel to three countries, Canada, Spain, and Monaco. This program is carried out by cargo airline group ACN.NL To activate your free travel ticket and the claim of 75,000.000 Euro contact Registration activation office Via EMAIL: . The Verified number 12X-GH-OOO1AV
We write to inform you that the results of the Netherlands LUCKY DAY LOTTO Promotion new year anniversary, held on 4th day of January, 2010 have been released. Your email was attached to a ticket that won the lotto in the second category. Therefore, a prize amount of One Million Dollars (75,000.000) shall be your total payout after the official verification of your identity.

The online cyber lotto draws was conducted from an exclusive list of 25,000.000.00 email addresses of individual and corporate bodies picked by an advanced automated random computer search from the Internet. The sum has been awarded to your email address in our online randomly selected email. Hence you did not have to apply in any way or form for this participation,as it is strictly for email users around the world.

At this juncture, your payment will be made by our appointed claim agent, for the details of this notification, kindly send your complete Names, Address,Age, Occupation, Telephone Number and your country of origin to the accredited claim agent Director ACN, via this email address: ( for the processing of your prize.

Yours Faithfully,
Lucky day office

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