Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Respond before the oligarch gets out of jail!

Oh, this is rich… rich, that is, for the scammers, and not for you, the intended victim. While there is really a Gary-Unit Investigators in Ashford, this isn't their email address. Nyet. It's a scammer. Don't be fooled, don't respond to messages like this.

From: Yukos Oil Company garylittle3@yahoo.com
Date: 2010/2/2
Subject: Request from Yukos
To: garylittle3@yahoo.com

Good Day,

I am Gary J. Little, a private investigator, my client Mr. Mikhail Khodorkovsky, an oil magnate of Yukos Oil Company charged with tax evasion by the Russian Government for political reasons seek your partnership/proxy to invest some amount under your supervision to avoid seizure since his company's main assets, production units, refineries and petrol stations, have been sold in series of staged bankruptcy auctions.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky intend to liquidate a large investment in cash and structures offshore, and take the capital appr. derived to provide a new investment fund under your management. As you can see, his assets are frozen and auctioned, meanwwhile there is an excess of USD5b lying in offshore accounts, unable to be used as guarantee. The funds being liquidated arose from independent investments of the group, outside the russian soil, so we can legitimately do so, only if this is done quietly. If the Russian authorites hear about this, we shall have to tender it for bankruptcy auctions.

You will stand as the beneficiary of the fund to enable release the sum to you. It is my client's wish to invest this sum outside Russia and never to be connected with any of political opponents. The transaction has to be concluded before Mikhail Khodorkovsky is out from jail. As soon as I get your willingness to comply I will give you more details. Do not worry about payment of processing fees, i have arrangement to provide you money take care of all fees involved.

Yours in service,

Mr.Gary Little
Gary-Unit Investigators
4 Elwick Road,
Ashford , TN23 1PF

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