Sunday, September 18, 2011

A cheery message contains a PDF scam

Hello, there! That's what the subject line says in this cheerful scam attempt. The message claims to be from a Gmail account, but actually originated from a Yahoo entry point. The reply-to is in South Africa.

From: "Dr. Stella Williams"
Subject: Hello there!
Date: September 15, 2011 6:57:34 AM PDT

There was no message body; the scam is in an attached PDF file. You should never open files like this (I have tools to do it safely) because there can be malware embedded in PDF files. Here's what the message says:

Hello, how are you? I am Dr. Stella Williams from Uruguay. I work here in Iraq, and due to the in-balance of the country, we the foreign doctors want to leave following the withdrawal of the US TROOPS for lack of security. But the Iraqi soldiers don't want us to and we are not allowed to make calls to our country, so the Finance company in South Africa advised us to transfer our money to another country apart from our home country because they will freeze our account if we try to make any contact to our own country and the money is our career money.

We just need a help and someone we can trust so the Finance company in South Africa can transfer our money to your account.

Please respond urgently at:

Dr. Stella Williams .

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