Saturday, April 17, 2010

Scammer tries to be friendly while pretending to be from PayPal

This scam message simply wasn't very convincing. Why would PayPal want to send me to a .tk website? .tk means Tokelau, a part of New Zealand. Also, why would PayPal include me as a bcc? It doesn't matter. The whole email doesn't make any sense. Don't respond to scams like this, don't click the links, don't be fooled. The best response is to delete the message immediately.

From: PaypalSuport
To: PaypalSuport
Subject: Hello

Hello, you communicate a new service that come from Paypal Payment Service team.

With Paypal, you. Web can make payments through a simple process in which any average user with a bank account can register and get itself and thus be able to use our primary service.

With this message, we inform that these services have increased to the following:

"The creation of multiple accounts to store in an enhanced its capital, and thus, capable of executing an easier way transfers.

-A new paragraph in its configuration options called Dash Payment, which is an easiest way to make payments to common facilities and common form, as well, the bills.

"For the maintenance of his tenure at http:/ / increase its capital by 1.2% per month is maintained.

If you do not use the Paypal service, also accessible via Web

Paypal Payment Services Team © ®

is the newsletter.

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